Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Blog Post

This will be my attempt at the blogging world. While I doubt I will have the time or the passion as many of the bloggers out there, I felt there is a loss of real conversation about local politics in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. While I will at times speak about national and state politics I will do my best to focus on what is going on in Pine, Richland, Ross, West View, Shaler, Hampton, Marshall, Bradford Woods, and Franklin Park. I also plan on blogging about Shaler School District, Hampton School District, Pine-Richland School District, and North Allegheny School District.

Please let me know if there are any issues in your community that need to be addressed because I can't follow all of these governments on my own. I hope that I will be able to encourage the residents in the North Hills to pay more attention to what their local governments are doing everyday.

Most of all I would just like to encourage everyone to vote in EVERY ELECTION. It is sad when the people that control your property taxes are only elected by 20% of the electorate.

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